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Nelson is a Arduino-powered, Wi-Fi connected device

Nelson is a tiny connected module designed to bring everyday objects to life, remotely.

With so many gizmos and gadgets becoming connected these days, sometimes it’s the simplistic ideas that stand out the most. Take Nelson, for example. Created by interaction designer Maxime Castelli, the tiny Wi-Fi module enables you to remotely control the mundane tasks in your everyday life. Need to feed the cat? Start the coffee machine as you wake up? Water the plants while away? This mechanism, though basic, can take care of all that for you.


Nelson is nothing more than an Arduino-powered robotic helper that’s based on the back and forth motion, like pushing a switch. Being wirelessly connected to the Internet allows you to control it from afar using an accompanying mobile app, along with pre-defined triggers that require just a push of a button. The project works seamlessly with your Wi-Fi devices, moving its little rod to and fro’ to carry out a variety of functions, which range from steeping the perfect cup of tea to turning on a fan.

Completed with the help of fellow designer Arthur Didier, Nelson is driven by an embedded Arduino Pro Micro (ATmega32U4) that is linked to Wi-Fi via a ESP8266 module with a servo motor. The app itself was made with openFrameworks. Intrigued? Check out the project’s official page here, or see its different use cases in action below.