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Putting Atmel AVR MCUs in your refrigerator

Power efficiency is an obvious, yet critical element of refrigeration design. To meet current green energy requirements, refrigerators and freezers are required to include support for global efficiency standards, as well as advanced communication capabilities for smart metering.

AVR MCUs can be used to provide flexible connectivity options and power efficient architectures that make them an excellent fit for refrigeration applications. Indeed, a variety of 8- and 32-bit Atmel microcontrollers are specifically optimized for motor control – providing full support for BLDC motors, AC motors and switched reluctance motors. As an added bonus, Atmel solutions meet energy efficiency requirements such as Energy Star and European regulations to deliver maximum efficiency.

“Atmel AVR 32-bit microcontrollers feature a multi-layer databus and DMA controller that make them a perfect fit for HMI applications where high bandwidth is required,” an engineering rep told Bits & Pieces.

“Robust touch sensor technology, featuring the Atmel QTouch library, allows designers to easily add capacitive touch buttons, wheels and sliders at no additional cost. Meanwhile, native 5 volts support is available on the Atmel megaAVR and Atmel tinyAVR microcontrollers, with node authentication capability supporting smart meter infrastructure connections. And last, but certainly not least, ZigBee Pro compatibility enables standards-compliant connectivity and smart metering.”

Refrigerators are an N1 energy consumer – understandably requiring power-efficient technology. In short, Atmel microcontrollers and wireless products are a perfect fit to help engineers design related products with granular energy control and optimized efficiency.

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