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Video: Biometric myIDkey secures data with Atmel

myIDkey is a handheld device that securely stores passwords and other forms of encrypted data, including images and text.

Powered by Atmel’s ARM-based A5 microprocessor (SAMA5D3) myIDkey is equipped with advanced biometric protection, an intuitive voice search feature, WiFi, Bluetooth and a USB port.

In addition, myIDKey offers a self-erase feature for lost or stolen devices. Meaning, users can easily set their myIDkey to permanently delete all passwords and files after a specific number of failed fingerprint or tap-sequence authentication attempts.

myIDkey also features a specific tap sequence as a second-level authentication option, with users configuring a personal sequence paired with fingerprint access to unlock the device. 

On the software side, myIDkey iOS and Android apps offer an easy way to add, manage and delete passwords, personal data and files.

Last, but certainly not least, myIDkey is packaged with a “bookmarklet” that allows users to automatically retrieve passwords for specific websites after linking to the device.

Interested in learning more about the Atmel-powered myIDKEY? You can check out the product’s official page here.