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MaXTouch S targets larger auto touchscreens

Atmel has confirmed that two new maXTouch touchscreen controllers were recently certified for use in next-gen automobiles. The mXT1188S is optimized for touchscreens up to 12 inches, while the mXT1664S is targeted at touchscreens up to 14 inches.

Both touchscreen controllers are optimized for single-layer shieldless sensor designs in automotive center consoles, navigation systems, radio interfaces and rear-seat entertainment systems. 

Meanwhile, a single-layer shieldless sensor design eliminates additional screen layers, effectively delivering improved light transparency. This results in lower power consumption, along with an overall lower system cost for the manufacturer.

The above-mentioned maXTouch controllers are AEC-Q100 compliant and designed for high reliability in harsh environments. They also offer glove support and improved moisture resistance – two key requirements for touch screen use in vehicles.

“The new automotive-qualified maXTouch controllers further strengthen Atmel’s automotive market position enabling more touchscreens in the car to hit the streets,” said Rob Valiton, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Automotive, Aerospace and Memory Business Units.

“We are also making in-car systems with capacitive touchscreens more accessible by enabling a shieldless single-layer touch sensor, which significantly reduces the total system cost. [Simply put], Atmel’s maXTouch controllers deliver superior touch performance, multi-touch, faster response times, more precise touches, robust operation and lower power consumption for an excellent user experience.”

To help accelerate design, Atmel is currently offering the EVK-MXT1664SAT-A evaluation kit, which includes an mXT1664S touch controller that interfaces with a 10.1-inch sensor (with an aspect ratio of 16:9).

 It should be noted that samples of the mXT1664S-A and mXT1188S-A in LQFP144 packages are available now, while devices in the PPAP packages will ship in June 2014 with volume production by July 2014.

Interested in learning more about Atmel automotive-qualified touch solutions? You can check out our official product page here.

Atmel’s mXT1664S powers 18.5-inch PCAP touch panel

Display specialist Ginsbury has announced the addition of a new 18.5-inch projected capacitive (PCAP) touch panel from industrial touch panel supplier Ocular. The latest PCAP – powered by Atmel’s mXT1664S – is part of the latter’s Crystal Touch: TRUE Multi-Touch PLUS standard product lineup.


According to Ocular VP Paul Massey, Crystal Touch: TRUE Multi-Touch PLUS panels offer a multi-touch interface with a pre-integrated, optically bonded, soda-lime cover glass with a decorative black border.

“The additional layer of glass adds durability and is ready to be integrated into touch driven devices,” he explained. “Users also have the option of adding their logo, or product name, to the black border on the pre-bonded cover glass. Medical, Point-of-Sale (PoS) and many other industries will benefit from this new standard size offering.”

Powered by Atmel’s versatile MaXTouch  mXT1664S controller, the 18.5-inch PCAP touch panel allows for up to 16 simultaneous touches.

“The combination of Ocular’s Crystal Touch technology and Atmel’s maXTouch line of touchscreen controllers provide a robust and sophisticated touch solution that can identify and disregard unintentional touches,” Massey added. “Atmel’s maXTouch series is ideal for larger touch panels with key features that include unparalleled noise suppression, high responsiveness and precision which help provide an enhanced user experience.”

As we’ve previously discussed on Bits & Pieces, Atmel’s maXTouch mXT1664S capacitive touchscreen controller brings the S Series architecture to large touchscreen devices.

The mXT1664S benefits from the powerful 32-bit AVR core and, as a result of the S Series architecture, boasts the industry’s highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), providing unrivaled touch performance.

As with the other devices in the S Series, the mXT1664S includes:

  • Atmel’s thinner sensors, which enable the thinnest touchscreen stacks with the noisiest displays.
  • maXCharger Technology, which ensures flawless operation with any charger.

Simply put, the mXT1664S delivers industry-leading performance in terms of narrow stylus operation, touch responsiveness and low power consumption. With 1,664 nodes, the device is capable of delivering high-precision performance on tablets and notebooks, enabling designers to reach Windows 8 certification.