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This mini computer is designed around Atmel’s ATtiny84

Recently, we discussed how a talented Maker by the name of Jack Eisenmann designed a multi-core homebrew computer using 16 ATMega328P microcontrollers. And today? A programmable computer based on Atmel’s ATtiny84 dubbed the DUO tiny.

“The DUO system interprets its own proprietary programming language to run all applications. This language is called DUO Tiny Programming Language, or DTPL,” Eisenmann explained.

“Software is stored in EEPROM (AT24C1024B-PU25) and loaded through a serial interface. The computer is equipped with 4 buttons and a 102 by 64 pixel LCD display (EA DOGS102W-6). [Meanwhile], a three-pin port is available on the DUO Tiny board, [which] may be used to inspect and modify the contents of EEPROM.”

As the Hack A Day crew notes, Eisenmann’s project began on a breadboard, but as he brought each part into being it transitioned to a strip-board prototype – and finally the fab-house version seen in the video above.

Additional information about the Atmel-powered DUO tiny can be found here.