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A flower pot that can find its own sunlight

Tired of having your plants constantly die on you due to lack of nourishment? Wouldn’t it be nice if they were capable of tracking changes in sunlight and moving themselves? NYU ITP graduate students Xiaolong Mu and Shu Zhang are making that a reality with their tech-enabed, Atmel based flower pot aptly named Chasing Sunlight.


Four light sensors housed in a laser-cut acrylic case determine the brightest direction in the plant’s environment, along with servo motors and motorized wheels enabling the pot to get around the room. After sunset, Chasing Sunlight rolls itself back into the shade.


“We think the plants also can live like mammals or insects; it can run and have its own desires. We also have a preset for plants set in the pot, and the flower pot will give the plants appropriate sun light according to its species. The user who owns this flower pot will also get benefit from this, [as] they don’t have to worry about the the plants’s photosynthesis anymore,” Mu writes.


In the future, Mu sees his project as an easy-to-assemble DIY Arduino kit. Until then, you can watch Chasing Sunlight in action below, as well as read all about the build on its official page here.