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Building an MKII robot controller

Alec Waters recently posted a brief description of his slick MKII Robot Controller.

Previously broken out into three pieces (camera receiver, TV and control unit itself), Waters managed to combine the above-mentioned components into a single, portable enclosure.

As you can see in the photos, the controller boasts a display, a convenient carry handle on the top, handholds, thumb-operated sticks, antenna and a tuning knob.

“With the lid off you can see the XBee for communicating with TempEx and the arrangement of the AV receiver and [Atmel-based] Arduino Uno (ATmega328),” Waters explained in a blog post describing the MKII.

“There’s a single 12v DC input jack in the bottom left that powers everything.”

The antenna folds 180 degrees when not in use. Next to the antenna is the secondary AV input for the display. By changing channels, users can easily switch from the wireless camera feed to an external one.

“This means you can do things like hook up another Arduino with a video game shield and play Tetris,” he added.

Ultimately, Waters says he wants to add a speaker for the camera audio, find a compact 12v battery and spray the controller a “suitably impressive” color.

Interested in learning more? You can check out Alec’s MKII robot controller blog post here and the original Arduino-based robot built for HackFu 2013 here.