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Grow anything automatically with the world’s first microhabitat

Biopod puts a rainforest right in your kitchen! 

Having a green thumb takes a lot of attention, time and know-how. It can be difficult to keep plants alive — but what if instead there was a way to automatically regulate your environmental conditions to ensure optimal growth? This is exactly what Jared Wolfe set out to accomplish.


Whereas the closest any of us would typically ever get to a jungle is by grabbing dinner at a nearby Rainforest Cafe or flipping on the Discovery Channel, Biopod brings it all right to your kitchen counter. That’s because Canadian biologist has created a microhabitat that not only enables you to grow your own rainforest or garden, but automatically modifies the temperature, light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall with the help of an accompanying mobile app.

Housed within its tank, each Biopod is equipped with an HD camera, temperature/humidity sensors, a misting system with its own reservoir, an aeration unit, Wi-Fi connectivity, LED lighting with UVA/UVB rays and a living wall filter, among many other components.


There are also three different types of habitats, each represented by a differently sized tank. The 14.2-gallon Biopod One is ideal for herb or vegetable gardening and recreating habitats that are perfect for your plants or small pets such as frogs, butterflies and snakes. The 21-gallon Biopod Terra can function as a great piece of décor in your home or office. And last but not least, the 31.5-gallon Biopod Aqua is a complete ecosystem where the fish in the aquarium provide nutrients to the plants through a permanent active filtration system that incorporates a living wall.

Biopod can be easily controlled via your smartphone by selecting different options and categories on its companion app: plants, pets or décor. With plants, it will provide information on the best seed varieties and length of a growth cycle, as well as the expected blooming and harvesting dates. By following the directions, your automated microhabitat will then adjust its settings to fit the environment based on your category choices.


According to its team, another way the microhabitat can make an impact is through building a community to educate and understand the important contributions people can make toward the environment. The project was first invented to simulate a rainforest habitat in order to help save endangered frogs from extinction. Every Biopod also has the capacity to connect to the Biopod Cloud, which collects and shares data to help create better habitats.

Ready to start growing your own herb garden or personal rainforest? Head over to the Biopod’s Kickstarter campaign, which has already stormed right past its $22,783 goal. Units are expected to begin shipping sometime later this year.