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This gesture-sensing frame will let you swipe through artwork

 Meural is an Internet-enabled, digital canvas that will change the way you view and collect art.

If the recent surge of network-connected picture frames is any indication of what the future holds, it seems that digital art may very well find itself adorning the walls and sitting on the mantels of tomorrow’s smart home. Hoping to bring something different than its predecessors, New York-based startup Meural has introduced a digital canvas that can display fine art with just a swipe of a hand.


This canvas features a 27” matte LCD screen along with ambient light sensors, all nestled within a handmade maple wood frame. With its vivid imagery and a super sleek design, Meural will undoubtedly be a welcomed addition to any home, museum or gallery. What’s more, the device is connected via Wi-Fi and cloud-based controls enable users to upload their own work for some show-and-tell.

Mindful of the art community’s rich traditions, the startup has ensured that they respect the exclusivity of collections and the curation process. In fact, CEO and co-founder Vladimir Vukicevic explains, “Meural is working closely with museums, galleries and artists to create an innovative new layer in visual culture by increasing the opportunity for exploration and accessibility.”


The digital canvas, however, isn’t just aesthetically-pleasing, it’s extremely functional and smart. Meural can be controlled in one of three ways: through gestures, the web and its accompanying mobile app. It will even adapt to the light in a particular room, and go to sleep when not needed.

With the Meural Timeline feature, users can create their own collections and discover new artwork via a personal webpage, which enables them to schedule different artworks for various occasions, moods and settings. Beyond that, its unique subscription service provides users with a constant stream of high-quality pictures of both iconic and up-and-coming masterpieces.


The Meural frame wirelessly connects to a mobile app, which lets users change the image being exhibited from across the room. Unlike frames before it, Meural is equipped with a set of motion sensors and gesture recognition software that allows viewers to change what’s being manifested on the screen by simply waving their hand through the air. (Think of it almost like Tinder for art.)

While the Meural frame is not yet available for purchase, it’s now ready for pre-order. Shipment is expected to begin this fall. Head over to its official page for more.