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Reading the Maker’s Alphabet

Maker’s Alphabet – which recently hit Kickstarter – is an illustrated book that celebrates traditional DIY creativity and new ways of Making.

Authored by Melody Quintana and Sneha Pai, the book contains a total of 26 adventures that helps bring unique creative DIY projects to life.

“Right now, we’re design grad students at the School of Visual Arts, which means we spend most of our time tinkering,” the duo explained.

“In past lives, we collectively studied animation, illustration, literature and society. We’ve had stints as a writer and strategist (Melody) and an animator and educator (Sneha). When all is said and done, we think being a maker is about embracing learning by doing. We want to make a book that inspires kids to do just that.”

Quintana and Pai say they are carefully crafting all aspects of the book, from big illustrations to little typography details and thoughtful verses to playful layouts. Ultimately, the two envision a final “artifact” that will shine on any shelf, coffee table or desk.

Perhaps most importantly, the book was written and illustrated to inspire kids of all ages to go out into the world and make. Current content and sketches include: Atmel-based Arduino boards, breadboarding, 3D printing, origami and even basic fashion design.

A companion e-book will also be available for young Makers, allowing readers easy access to the book across multiple devices. In addition, the digital version contains links to electronic resources for each letter, empowering Makers to read more about anything that piques their interest.

Interested in learning more? You can check out the project’s official Kickstarter page here.