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Atmel adds force sensing to capacitive touch

Atmel’s new force sensing technology gives users more control through the pressure of their touch.

During CES 2016, Atmel showcased its next-generation force sensing technology in the latest maXTouch U series for smartphones. This new technology boasts 3D interactions for more intuitive control. Meaning, it enables a user to preview, zoom, play game, text and much more, simply by applying pressure to the screen with the touch of a finger.

Atmel’s force sensing technology can detect how much pressure a user applies to the screen and respond accordingly. For instance, a user can apply variable force to the glass on the touchscreen to activate various commands with their finger: slight pressure can be applied to the screen to select a gaming app and more pressure can be applied to start the game.

Introducing the maXTouch U family

Just in time for CES 2015, Atmel has launched its next-generation maXTouch U family, bringing the world’s first capacitive touchscreen solution to allow no compromise for designing new state-of-the-art displays and true 3D user experiences. OEMs will no longer have to worry about touch and display performance when selecting thinner stacks such as on-cell, hybrid in-cell, full in-cell touchscreens utilizing very thin film and glass substrates.


The proliferation of smart devices along with the innovation in display technologies have put many new challenging requirements on touchscreen technology. These touchscreens not only have to operate with thin noisier displays, cheaper noisier chargers and numerous environmental noise sources, but also have to work with thick gloves in cold climates, moisture in humid environments and stylus for content creation.

The maXTouch U architecture is designed from the ground-up to service these requirements, enabling the highest hover distance of 25mm while cutting the touch power by 50%. This family provides full in-cell integration without requiring costly display synchronization for the OEM, enabling the fastest touch response for users compared to any competing solution today. maXTouch U series allows multi-finger operation with moisture on the screen and supports side-buttons for an easy-to-use user experience especially in camera mode. The high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) supports very thin 1mm passive and active stylus handwriting with full palm rejection for a flawless content creation experience.


“Competing touch solutions do not have the fundamental building blocks required to support the technical demands of thinner and flexible advanced displays,” said Binay Bajaj, Atmel Senior Director of Touch Marketing. “Meeting these technological demands, the new maXTouch U family is truly a testament to the team’s innovative engineering techniques. Leading OEMs are extremely excited to use this new architecture to achieve unprecedented touch performance for next-generation products.”

The mXT874U, which will be the first sampling product in this new family, puts the latest maXTouch technology into action by adding high-voltage differential signal and a powerful maXDSP in the analog front-end. The result is unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) that enables advanced touchscreen experiences beyond just finger touching. The mXT874U supports 25-30mm finger hover tracking, up to 5.0mm gloved touch, 1.0mm passive stylus writing, touch sensing with moisture and robust common charger noise rejection. This comprehensive array of touch features will allow you to deliver flagship next-generation mobile devices with the ultimate user interface experiences consumers crave.

Those wishing to learn more about the new maXTouch U family can do so by heading over to its official page here.