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This 3D printer brews the perfect cup of coffee every time

“This project was created purely out of love for coffee and robots.”

Whether it’s a home-brewed pot or a skinny frappa-thingy at a nearby shop, coffee has surely become the unofficial technology behind engineers for years. While the modern method of drip brewing is more than 125 years old, its overall design has changed very little over time. From percolators and pourovers to French presses and single-serve devices, innovators have sought out new and improved ways to brew their daily dose of caffeine. And, well, Maker Elias Bakken has attempted to defy convention with a 3D printing coffee machine he calls the Debrew.


While the hand-brew dipper coffeemaker is more than a 3D printer in the traditional sense of the word, the Delta-style apparatus runs on G-code and is capable of devising the perfect cup ‘o joe every single time. Say goodbye to mix-ups or burnt pots at your local Dunkin’ Donuts!

Stepper motors are responsible for controlling the water flow rate, the grind coarseness and the positions of the tube above the filter, while 3DPrint.com notes that the “machine looks eerily similar to any Delta-style 3D printer that you will come across.”


Debrew features both a pre-soak and extraction process that can be visualized and modified using an online interface that the Maker has developed himself. The web app includes drag-and-drop functionality, and allows for the creating, editing and selecting of pre-defined coffee profiles. Bakken tells 3DPrint.com that the interface uses a number of commands like “wait 2 seconds,” “select water,” and “set coffee bean coarseness.” Each of these operations can be configured so that upon pressing “play,” they will be automatically converted into G-code and then relayed to the Debrew machine. In addition, recipes can be shared in the same manner as STL models are throughout the 3D printing community.

”That way, similar but differently implemented coffee bots can still interpret the recipes,” the Maker explains.


Rather than having to open up an interface on a web browser each time the urge for coffee calls, Bakken has equipped his contraption with his recently-launched Kickstarter project Manga Screen. The high-definition, 4.3” capacitive multi-touch screen — which is based on an ATmega16U4 and powered by a mXT224 controller — is mounted onto the front of the Debrew and enables users to easily select a their preferred warm beverage.

Did this project ‘perk’ your interest? You can learn all about the project here.

Manga Screen is a multi-touch display for Maker projects

Manga Screen is a 4.3″ LCD screen with a capacitive touch panel and HDMI input.

Developed by Oslo-based Maker Elias Bakken, the Manga Screen is a high-definition, 4.3” LCD screen. Powered by USB, the capacitive multi-touch screen can be used with any device that has an HDMI output, including a Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, Odroid and Arduino Tre.


At the heart of the fully open-source project lies an ATmega16U4, along with several other electronic components including a DVI receiver, a capacitive touch panel controller and an LCD screen.

“The resolution is high for such a small screen with 800×480 (WVGA) and the capacitive touchscreen driver used is the fabulous mXT224 from Atmel. It adds a few bucks more than the Chinese copies, but when you touch it, you will know where that extra money went,” the Maker writes.


As demonstrated by Bakken’s working prototype, the Manga Screen can be a welcomed addition to a wide-range of applications, such as a RepRap 3D printer display, a DIY automated coffeemaker control panel or a monitor for an array musical projects.


Interested in a high-res screen for your next creation? You can head on over to its official Kickstarter page, where Bakken is well on his way of achieving his kr65,000 goal.