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AVR programming with Elliot Williams (MakerShed)

So you’ve designed a plethora of cool DIY Maker projects with Atmel-based Arduino boards. Want to take the next step with stand-alone Atmel AVR microcontrollers (MCUs)? 

Written by Elliot Williams, Make: AVR Programming will help you discover how the AVR’s built-in hardware peripherals can be harnessed to solve various design issues, allowing Makers and engineers to fully benefit from working with Atmel’s AVR-based hardware.


“The Arduino platform is great to learn the basics on. But if you’re a hacker on a budget and you’d like to make a swarm of robots, you’re going to want to use the AVR chips directly,” said Williams. 

”This book focuses on interfacing between the real world and the virtual world throughout. The two together open up infinite possibilities for creative projects.”

As the author notes, nearly everything in the book is project-oriented. Makers will learn microcontroller basics, as well as intermediate and advanced topics.

For example, you can:

  • Respond instantly to as many external events as your AVR has pins
  • Build an inexpensive footstep detector
  • Build circuitry to drive DC and stepper motors as well as other demanding loads
  • Make your projects talk by storing voice sample data in the AVR’s non-volatile memory
  • Learn to speak SPI and I2C

“Bottom line: If you’ve had some experience programming an Arduino, and you’d like to get to know the AVR chip more intimately, Make: AVR Programming is the book you need,” Williams added.

Interested? You can purchase Make: AVP Programming for $45 at the official MakerShed here.