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HMC Boudicca is a 20-inch-tall, 3D-printed walking mechanized tank

Codename Colossus is a fully 3D-printed, electronic and mechanical toy that is made to order.

As recent months have demonstrated, 3D printing is slowly but surely making its way towards the toy industry. Joining the likes of others including Mattel and Disney, Machination Studio has unveiled a 20-inch-tall, electronic mobile tank boasting a retro-futristic military theme.


The HMC Boudicca is comprised of over 400 3D-printed parts, along with movable legs, guns and cannons enabled by Arduino-controlled servos, LEDs and motors. Meanwhile, the device itself is powered by 7.4V LiPo rechargeable batteries, or six 7.2V AAs with a recommended minimum of 2800mAh.

The brainchild of toymaker Michael Sng, the walking tank is only the first in his ambitious Codename Colossus project — “a made-to-order, kinetic toy line set in Europe in an alternate history during The Great War.”


Although the project’s website doesn’t provide too many details around the fictional backdrop, it certainly resembles that of other steampunk novels where giant iron mechas battle it out.

Want a machine of your own? You’ll have to be willing to shell out at least $5,000, with each piece having a 2% markup from the previously sold price to help maintain the value of the pieces and cover the cost of inflation.