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Explore the world of robotics with LIME

LIME is a robotic hand designed to teach young Makers the basics of robotics.

Created by Raleigh, North Carolina-based G Industries, LIME is a prototype robotic hand uniquely designed to introduce young Makers to the world of robotics. Through its simple plug-and-play system, users will be able to build, connect and program their own creations in an expedited yet educational manner. CEO Miguel Gonzalez hopes that the recently-launched Kickstarter project is just the beginning of future fully-functional Android that’ll enable new possibilities to the next-generation of tinkerers.


Comprised of black acrylic, LIME is powered by three servo motors, five fingers and five pin connections, and is controlled by an Arduino Uno (ATmega328). Additional components include electronic cables, a 6V AC adaptor, some screws and elastic nylon stretchers.

Makers can start developing their robotic project right out of the box using its companion Lyoth software, which runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. What’s more, the software allows Makers to establish quick and easy connections to begin devising their projects. Lyoth features a visual interface that lets users test and command their robotic hand using either onscreen circular graphics or a standard joystick controller via USB. Moving forward, LIME can even be attached to arms, enabling it to expand and grow with the Makers themselves.

“We want to open a market that can change the world, and literally create a new world in which society grows along with robotics. That’s my motivation behind this project,” Gonzalez explains.

If you share the same vision and are interested in backing LIME, head over to its official Kickstarter page. There, the G Industries team is currently seeking $30,000. Pending all goes well, shipment is expected to begin in July 2015.