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Mstick is multi-functional, app-enabled LED stick

This is not your ordinary LED light! 

Light has its practical uses of illuminating a space and signaling. It could also be used recreationally for mood lighting and sound visualizing. Up until now, those seemed like the few functions of light in everyday life. However, one Oregon-based startup had something else in mind. The MOLT team has reimagined its usage and capabilities by creating a smart LED stick that could be used in ways never thought of before.


Mstick is an easy-to-use LED device that can function as a bicycle rear light, text visualizer, stop watch, weather forecast, flash alarm, and more. Who knew a light can do so much? Controlled from a modular app, Mstick operates various functional lights with ready to use and customizable settings, making it suitable for any situation.

With the app, you can select the function you need, and the Mstick light will work accordingly. Suppose you’re riding a bicycle or running at night. Select the “Sports Light” setting, and personalize the light animation and color of your choice. When mounted to you or your bike, the Mstick notices your movements with its three-axis accelerometer and will automatically change the animation and color to red when you’re stopped.


The Mstick is guaranteed to also be a crowd pleaser when used at a festival or party. The “After Effect” category allows you to type in text or emoji, and the light stick will illuminate your message when you wave it. When employed as an alarm or timer, you can program Mstick to flash a certain color or animation when the time is up.

By giving you a light meant to be used daily for multiple functions, the Mstick team knew they had to make a simple, convenient and durable product. The stick body measures at the portable size of 160mm x 26mm x 16 mm, and comes with a leather strap and built-in magnet to make Mstick hang or attach anywhere easily. Based on a 32-bit Cortex-M0+ core, the gadget is equipped with 16 RGB LED lights (120 lumen), Bluetooth Low Energy (2.4 GHz), a G-sensor (three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer), and a LiPo battery that offers at last seven hours of use at max brightness and up to a week with low brightness. Mstick is compatible with a majority of smartwatches for simple tasks, as well as most Android and iPhone devices.


Looking to light up your life in more ways than one? Head over to Mstick’s Kickstarter campaign, where the MOLT team is closing in on their $50,000 goal. The first batch of units is expected to ship sometime in April 2016.