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Set the mood with 512 LEDs in this smart lamp

Tittle Light is the ultimate home lighting décor.

As we make the move towards smarter homes, why not add a decorative, element to it? Tittle Light is a connected, color-changing LED lamp that can transform your home environment with custom 3D light animations.


Made up of 512 LED lights, Tittle is an interactive lamp that can illuminate into music visualizations, custom emoji messages and vibrant mood lights, and seeks to serve as a decorative centerpiece for your smart home. The team at Spin-R is the brains behind this connected lamp. Although the startup has focused solely on high-end watch-winding devices, CEO and co-founder Kinsen Au and his crew are dedicated to bringing entertaining consumer electronics and IoT concepts to reality.


Using Tittle’s accompanying mobile and web app, you can design your own engaging lighting effects in three dimensions, or watch the lights animate on its own as Tittle matches the lighting to the sound in your home. Tittle will move and pulse alongside the tunes you’re playing, making it the ultimate party favor. This high-end designed lamp boasts it has something for every moment. Tittle also has its practical use as a clock and timer.

Housed inside Tittle’s unique glass encasing are RGB LED lights in an 8” x 8” x 8” cube structure. It’s equipped with a built-in microphone to perform music visualization animations, 16MB flash memory and Wi-Fi to control all functions via its companion app. Tittle requires no assembly, and could be powered straight out of the box with its plug-and-play A/C adaptor.


After showcasing a prototype at CES 2016, Spin-R is seeking funds to bring Tittle to life. Intrigued? Head over to Au and his team’s project page, where you can get a Tittle Light at an early bird special price of $199. Delivery to initial backers is slated for September 2016.