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Light up your day with this Trinket bracelet

Maker Marcus Olsson has designed ED bracelets before. Marcus’ last project featured an accelerometer so that the LEDs would react to the wearer’s movement. Now, his newest iteration sports a microphone that allows the illumination to react to the sounds that surround it.

The Maker’s friends began to pester him for a creation that interacted with the soundscapes in their environment, so he quickly got to work on this device. Powered by an uber-mini Trinket MCU (ATtiny85), the bracelet allows a microphone to communicate with a Neopixel strip affixed within the casing.

2014-07-31 12.30.42

After an initial test, Marcus needed to make some adjustments to the 3D-printed shell of his bracelet to better incorporate the microphone. After some slight tinkering, foam tape enabled the microphone to be secured.

If you want to rock Marcus’ bracelet design at your next dance party, head over to his blog for a full tutorial on how to put the gadget together. For more stylish wearable designs, you always check out the Bits & Pieces archive.