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‘Entrapment’ comes to life with this Arduino-compatible laser trip wire

Straight out of the ‘90s movie Entrapment, crowdfunding veteran Patrick Thomas Mitchell has created a system of laser trip wires designed to keep any area secure.


After a recent launch on Kickstarter, Mitchell has announced that his project is complete and production ready. A 3V 5mW red laser module is the focal point of the Arduino-compatible device. These types of lasers can be focused to a thin, strong beam, or widened, weaker range to cover a larger area.

Upon powering the laser via a wall outlet and installing a regulator board, the Maker built his ever-important adjustable laser mounts. “The laser mounts have many adjustable axes, and can easily be mounted to almost anything,” he adds. To signal a trip, Mitchell incorporated a deafening siren that notifies the user of a security breach.

Mitchell included four different modes of operation for this design. Each one can be adapted to a different type of security for the laser trip wire set. If an [Atmel basedArduino were installed, it would control the programs and the inputs/outputs that they require. For instance, to trigger the machine in Program #2A, “You can connect this output to your Arduino with ease to trigger an operation when motion is detected/a change of light (such as a shadow) is introduced to the face of the board.”


“The more lasers that you have, the more area that you can cover. There are four sensors to choose from. You only need one, but the more the better. Bounce lasers off of mirrors to create a maze. Break one beam, and you’re toast!”

Sean Connery himself would be proud of this Maker project! For more information on how to help fund Patrick Thomas Mitchell’s latest design, check out his Kickstarter campaign here.