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Video: An Android-powered laser maze for wannabe spies

What’s a modern spy-action movie without an intricate laser maze designed to confound the protagonist? And really, how difficult is it to bypass those annoying sensors? Well, the folks at NerdWorking decided to find out by building an Arduino-controlled laser maze, or Laser Room.

“We’ve set a 7.3×2.5×2.5 m modular construction, [enabling us to] ¬†construct the playground in two hours ¬†wherever we want. We made the experience design using 200 mW green lasers,” the NerdWorking crew explained in a recent post.

“We connected the laser network to the circuit managed by [an Atmel-powered] Arduino Uno [ATmega328]. We set security cams and set in some smoke to make the players work easier. Although it is fun for the players to play we’ve set a compelling parcour for them.”

Fortunately, the project features an automatic security system for the 200mW lasers which could potentially scratch the eye retina and burn the skin. Meaning, whenever the player touches the lasers, the system turns off automatically as the alarms sound.

The NerdWorking crew certainly has high expectations for players, as they recommend a “speedy and nimble” three-minute limit for completion.

So, are you up to the challenge? Watch the video above and find out!