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LaMetric is a hackable and smart real-time ticker display

Let’s face it, in today’s constantly-connected, digital-savvy and always-on-the-go world it’s easy to be bombarded with a plethora of information — some useful, while some not so much. The Smart Atoms team has created a highly-customizable smart ticker that tracks everything important to you in real-time. Dubbed LaMetric, the hackable gadget is a suitable match for both home and office life with its multi-faceted functionality and stylish design.


Three elegant touch buttons on the top of the device let a user to switch between items, while its sleek form factor allows for it to be placed wherever desired. LaMetric can also synced to web through its companion application via both WiFi and Ethernet. Meanwhile, a trio of widgets let enable the ticker to be connected to anything on the web, meaning anything from the latest RSS newsfeed to IFTTT ‘recipes’  to a mailbox can now be accessed and displayed in real-time.


LaMetric is comprised of a main board equipped with WiFi, a LED screen, a touch button sensor board, speaker for audio alerts and Ethernet, while is powered by a micro-USB. As its official page notes, the gadget is designed to brightly display up to seven digits (any numbers up to 9 million) in color icons on one screen, with full-width scrolling text and smooth animations as well.


The ticker exhibits metrics for a wide-range of things, ranging from social media to stock prices, which are provided in the form of notifications that a user can replied to by simply tapping its top-middle button. For instance, if you have a meeting notification pop up, just press the “action” button and scroll through various responses, such as notifying attendees you will be five minutes late or declining the meeting altogether. Or when LaMetric notifies you of a new Facebook message, simply hit the button to open the social network on your web browser.

Heading outside? Before leaving, allow LaMetric to provide you with real-time weather information for that exact moment, never forgetting an umbrella again.


Its real-time display can even track several other metrics including to-do lists, fitness goals and even stopwatch-like countdowns. t even caters to athletes, with task and fitness goals and a programmable interval timer for CrossFit.

LaMetric takes automation to another level as well, allowing you to pair it with IFTTT to report like your favorite team scores, when your kid arrives at school, when your spouse is leaving work, and even reminds you of everyone’s birthday and anniversaries.

Heck, businesses can even use it, too! According to Smart Atoms, the LaMetric can serve as a useful tool for the workplace, with features like displaying Facebook likes, receiving money on PayPal, tracking website visitors, making conversions and other key business metrics. The company also hopes that it will keep teams in the enterprise motivated, with a variety of metrics serving as positive reinforcement.


Ideal for tinkerers of all levels, LaMetric allows users to mod a variety of icons, scrolling text, metrics and changes, goals, days, trends and sounds. As its team explains, you don’t need to be a hacker with advanced tech skills to enjoy the gizmo. In fact, you can do it by using the LaMetric mobile app or sending a DIY message to LaMetric’s email.

Having recently completed its Kickstarter, the team was able to garner just over $370,000 — well over its original $69,000 pledge goal. Since then, Smart Atoms are finalizing the enclosure, PCB and apps process, which you can read all about on their updates page here.

Interested in a real-time ticker for your home or office? Head over to its official website here. In the meantime, you can also check out how one team of Makers recently created their own DIY real-time ticker that displays information on when trains will be arriving at the nearest metro station.