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This smart button delivers pizza right to your house

One Italian IoT startup wants to make ordering pizza easy as pressing a single button on the fridge. 

Envision this: It’s two o’clock in the morning and you’re just getting back to your dorm room after a night out on the town. A little intoxicated yet cognizant that you’re in need of a late-night snack, you head over to your fridge door to hit a big red button. In a matter of moments, pizza is ordered and delivered to your door. Sound like something you’ve always wanted? Well, you’re in luck. 


Invented by an Italian Internet of Things startup called La Comanda, the aptly named Click’N’Pizza is a smart magnetic button that affixes to your refrigerator. When pushed, your favorite pie order is wirelessly transmitted in real-time over to a local pizza parlor and 14” of cheesy deliciousness is sent to your residence.


As you can imagine, users still have to input their information beforehand using its circular screen, including address, contact and payment information, as well as up to four of your favorite topping orders. Beyond that, you can use its scrolling wheel to rank order priority. For example, the primary selection can be ordered with a single push of the button, while secondary orders can be found by turning its dial. After an order is placed, the gadget excitedly confirms delivery with the message, “Pizza is coming!”


La Comanda introduced the Click’N’Pizza at the Mobile World Congress 2015, along with a slew of partnerships including one with Pizza Hut in North America. Pizza Hut will sell branded Click’N’Pizza buttons this summer at select locations. According to the startup, this is merely the beginning. A recent press release lists plans of an entire family of e-commerce and takeaway devices, ranging from Click’N’Taxi that calls your local car service when in need of a ride, to Click’N’Coffee to reorder your favorite coffee pods when stock is low, to Click’N’FedEx that notifies your delivery guy know you’ve got a package that needs sending.