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The iBoardbot is an Internet-controlled whiteboard robot

This ATmega32U4-powered bot can precisely draw images, write text and more.

The iBoardbot is an Internet-controlled, whiteboard marker-equipped robot that can write, draw and erase on a colorful glass surface. Developed by Scottish startup JJ Robots, the device was designed to serve as a fun and interactive way to keep in touch with family and friends.


Whether you’re using it as a Twitter wall or to simply doodle nifty graphics, the system is managed through an accompanying app which enables users to easily create and send images directly to their iBoardbot via the cloud. With three different modes to choose from, users can do everything from draw pictures, to write messages, to upload graphics. It even boasts a multi-user interface so folks can collaborate on a project or compete against one another in a game of tic-tac-toe at the same time.


Beyond that, the iBoardbot comes with an open API that allows developers to explore their imagination. This opens up a realm of endless possibilities, from displaying local weather forecasts, motivational quotes and reviews for a store. It can be integrated with an IFTTT recipe, too.


In true Maker spirit, JJ Robots has made the iBoardbot’s electronics, 3D-printable frame and code entirely open source. The robot is based on an ATmega32U4 along with a Wi-Fi module for communication, and employs a set of stepper motors, bearings and timing belts for its mechanics. Additionally, the iBoardbot has an integrated eraser in its drawing head so it can wipe away the glass and proceed to jot down new text and pictures.

Intrigued? The iBoardbot ships in one of three different kit forms and can found on Kickstarter, where the JJ Robots crew is currently $15,962. Delivery is slated for April 2016. If you loved this, you may want to check out the team’s air hockey-playing robot hack as well.