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Moscase wants to make your smartphone even smarter

Moscase enables users to customize their smartphones with modular backplates, adding new and exciting functions.

When it comes to iPhones, there are really only a couple of additional accessories users are interested in: decorative cases and companion health gadgets. And yes, you can shell out a hundred or so dollars for a standalone fitness tracker, but one South Florida-based startup is hoping for consumers to realize that they’re already schlepping around an even more powerful one, their phone case.


Not only can the aptly named Moscase protect your device from impending drops, but can track your health as well. This is accomplished through various integrated components, ranging from an optical sensor for heart rate and oxygen saturation to a heat sensor for temperature. Beyond that, there are also impedance sensors that can measure stress levels, body-fat percentage and bioresonance by sending electromagnetic currents through your body. This data is then collected and displayed by an accompanying mobile app along with some helpful tips.

“It is the most intuitive and comfortable way of tracking your health. By seamlessly becoming one with your phone, you never have to think about it,” the team writes.


Aside from its embedded sensors, the product packs a lightning connector port, a charger outlet, as well as an Atmel based MCU (still awaiting word as to which one). Moscase connects to the iPhone via the lightning connector for speed, reliability and energy efficiency. It doesn’t use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for transferring data.

Its creators also designed interchangeable active backplates, which could provide iPhone 6 users with additional features like a breathalyzer, hi-fi speakers, a solar cell charger, extra battery and storage, as well as an e-paper reader.


“Every Moscase comes with a free passive backplate, which is an optional add-on that offers a bit of extra protection, or just completes the look for those of you who prefer to cover the back of your smartphones,” the team adds. “Each active backplate has its own distinct purpose that completely reimagines what smartphones are capable of.”

Ready to add a little oomph to your iPhone 6? Moscase is currently seeking $150,000 on Kickstarter and will be available in four colors for initial production. The final choices will be narrowed down from eight colors, including lack, silver, gold, blue, yellow, red, green and white. Shipment is set for October 2015.