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OIC releases Internet of Things connectivity framework

IoTivity is an open-source software framework that enables devices, products and services for the Internet of Things.

While the number of connected devices are rapidly growing, there still exists a need for shared standards for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Last July, Atmel teamed up with several tech heavyweights to establish a new industry group focused on improving interoperability and streamlining connectivity. Now, the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) — which has more than 50 members and counting — has launched the the Preview Release version of its IoT certification and standard, IoTivity.


“The ability for devices and machines to communicate will unleash a whole new world of technology innovation. Open-source software and collaborative development are the building blocks to get us there,” explained Jim Zemlin, Linux Foundation Executive Director. “IoTivity is an exciting opportunity for the open-source community to help advance this work.”

As a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, IoTivity is governed by an independent steering group that liaises with the OIC. The project is open to all and includes RESTful-based APIs. It is expected to be available in various programming languages for a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms. In the next few months, the consortium will develop and release a 1.0 standard specification. At the same time, the IoTivity project will release a full open-source implementation of that specification.

Interested? Head over to IoTivity’s official page here.