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Playing laser tag with an ATmega328P

Skirmos is an open source, versatile laser tag system that features an ATmega328P microcontroller (MCU), Arduino bootloader, color LCD screen (acts as a realtime HUD) and an infrared LED.

Additional key specs include:

  • RF module
  • SD card slot
Sound card (accepts .mp3 and .wav)
  • Speakers
RGB LED grids (stretch goal)
Internal LEDs
  • Infrared receivers (38khz)
16mhz clock
  • Plastic transparent custom shell
  • USB port (data from computer to system)

“The hardware will make Skirmos better than airsoft and lasertag combined. It maintains the realism, range and ruggedness to play outdoors like airsoft, while having the accuracy, feedback, and dynamic cheat-proof gametypes of lasertag,” Skirmos rep Allan Ivanov wrote in a recent Kickstarter post.

“This means the final design of the systems will include accurate iron sights and a rail system for attachments for ranges over 500 feet.”

According to Ivanov, Skirmos rifles communicate with one another via radio, with infrared optics facilitating “extreme ranges” for sniping.

On the software side, Skirmos allows players to easily alter fire modes (semi-automatic, three-round burst, automatic, etc), as well as the rate of fire. Plus, each player is assigned a specific ID to avoid friendly fire incidents.

In addition, Skirmos offers a trio of preset gametypes: basic, free-for-all and team slayer. However, the platform is ultimately expected to boast an almost unlimited number of gametypes.

“Because of the open source aspect, you will be able to create your own gametypes. This might be tweaking with the respawn time on Capture the Flag, to creating your own objectives and modes,”
 Ivanov explained.

“So imagine playing custom gametypes that other users have made like Search and Destroy. Rest assured, you won’t need to be a programming master to design your own games. If Skirmos is successful, we will create an auto-builder, a drag-and-drop program to quickly and easily create new gametypes (stretch goal).”

Interested in learning more about Skirmos? You can check out the project’s official Kickstarter page here.