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8-bit gaming with Atmel’s ATmega328P

A Maker by the name of Petri Häkkinen recently coded an 8-bit game titled Toorum’s Quest II (with visuals by Antti Tiihonen and Juho Salila) – along with an Atmel-powered 8-bit console (ATmega328P MCU) on which to play it.

According to the folks at IndieStatik, the aptly named “Box” console is equipped with 2 kilobytes of RAM, 32 kilobytes of program memory, a resolution of 104×80 and four audio channels. The platform – which is capable of displaying 256 colors along with three sprites per scan line – also supports chiptune music along with the use of NES controllers.

“I am in awe of the ingenuity and drive that it took to create Toorum’s Quest II, as well as the retro micro-console that was made to play it. [The game is a] platformer in which you collect treasures and avoid monsters. The name ‘Toorum’ may be a name familiar to players of Legend of Grimrock,” writes IndieStatik’s Paul Hack.

“You can find notes he left scattered about the dungeon in that game. If you find them all, you get an achievement and unlock the character of Toorum for a subsequent playthrough. Presumably, this is Toorum’s first quest and the reason why the new game is titled Toorum’s Quest II.”

Interested in learning more about the Atmel-powered 8-bit gaming Box? You can check out the project’s official page here.