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Indi is a dock that gives your phone a set of arms

Vibrate mode is so 2014.

While there may already be countless smartphone docks on the market today, none may be as interactive and innovative as one created by Maker Billy Wood. Recently launched on Kickstarter, Indi features a set of arms that can signal a user of an incoming call.


“[It’s] something more likely to catch your attention while not alerting the whole office to its presence. Aside from this, I see this as potentially useful to hard of hearing smart phone users, or as just a cool thing to have lying around and show off,” Wood explains.

The device consists of two elements: a docking unit equipped with an Atmel based Arduino and a mobile application, which the user will be prompted to download the first time they plug it into the device. Currently in its prototype phase, when the device is plugged into the device and a call comes in, the robotic arms will wave until it is disconnected or the phone is answered. In the settings menu, users will be able to select from a range of different waving animations to use, with the ability to create their own.


Wood sees an array of uses for Indi, ranging for those in quiet offices where vibrate mode won’t suffice, hard of hearing, or who are just looking for a cool robot. Whatever the reason, the Maker hopes to 3D print the project and enhance its customizing capabilities to match with any phone color.

Just think, perhaps version 2.0 could utilize the arms to accentuate arguments during Skype calls. Intrigued? Indi is currently seeking £2,500 on Kickstarter.