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Philips Hue Lights react to ‘Sharknado 2’

Last year, Sharknado quickly emerged as one of, if not, the most buzzed about B movies of all-time. The premise of the 2013 made-for-television disaster film was centered around a waterspout that hoovers up thousands of hungry sharks from the Pacific Ocean, only to deposit them onto the shore to feast on hapless residents of Greater Los Angeles. Whether good or bad, one thing is for certain: you can’t deny the entertainment value of the film.


Well, it appears that entertainment value will be enhanced once more, as Sharknado 2 (set to premiere on Wednesday, July 30th) will mark the first time a TV show will have the ability to directly control your room lighting. To tackle this feat, Syfy is partnering with Philips to create a lighting soundtrack, or “light track,” for the company’s Hue-connected LED lights. The entire sequel is choreographed so that the lights will dim, brighten and change color, contingent upon what’s happening on the screen.

“For instance, a sequence in the movie involves a plane flying through a storm. When lightning strikes, the lights flicker and brighten suddenly, and if you have multiple lights — the Hue line offers bulbs, lamps and even light strips — you’ll see some variation in the colors, too,” Mashable explains.

The Syfy Sync app will bring this whole experience to life. The app, which typically brings the viewer second-screen information, uses audio tagging to identify what the viewer is watching, delivering the right content at the right moment. Now with Philips onboard, the integration will be taken to an entirely different level. Viewers will have the option to select lights individually, so if your whole home is wired with Philips Hue, you can limit the effects to just the family room.

Mashable’s Pete Pachal notes, “Shark-influenced lighting might not be the Internet of Things application we need, but if Twitter has any say, it’s the Internet of Things application we deserve.”

In case you missed it, earlier in the year Atmel’s Magnus Pedersen talked about IoT, Philips Hue and some of his favorite applications.