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Video: Arduino Uno powers revamped CNC machine

A Maker by the name of Shane has up-cycled an old HP printer, transforming the device into a fully-functioning CNC machine.

According to the HackADay crew, Shane made use of the entire 2500C A3 printer to build the new platform.

“While he was taking it apart [for parts], he realized the chassis would make a great frame for his actual CNC machine. With that in mind Shane quickly changed his game plan to making each axis inside of the printer,” explained HackADay’s James Hobson.

“He’s using regular ball bearing drawer runners for both the X and Z axes, covered with a clever design of aluminum angle to keep any possible chips from jamming them. The Y axis on the other hand makes use of the original shaft runners from the print head carriage. Each axis is driven by threaded rod using recycled stepper motors from the printer.”

The CNC machine is powered by an Atmel-based Arduino Uno (ATmega328), along with a Protoneer CNC shield to control the stepper drivers. Additional features include an emergency stop, hold, resume and cancel buttons for manual control.

Interested in learning more about the Arduino-powered CNC machine? You can check out the project’s official page here.