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HIRIS is “a wearable computer, for everyone”

HIRIS lets you control the devices around you with the flick of your wrist or wave of your hand. 

When it comes to wearables, it seems as though a vast majority of them revolve around fitness tracking. You know, keeping tabs on things like heart rate, steps taken, distance walked, calories burned, among many others. While those features may be enough for some, it’s certainly not for the team behind HIRIS. Earlier this year, the Italian startup launched what they’re billing as “the first wearable computer, for everyone,” which is currently live on Indiegogo.


Unlike other devices with one component, the sleek, hexagonal HIRIS comes in two units: the HIRIS Tracker and HIRIS Core. As its name implies, the Tracker gathers movement data typically seen on a number of today’s popular smart bands, especially the health conscious. What really sets it apart is that it can be used either independently or in conjunction with the Core. The Tracker can be placed anywhere and on anything, from ankles and knees to snowboards and tennis racquets. Whether by itself or in a group, the splash-proof gadget communicates in real-time, streaming this information to your Core, computer or smartphone.


Meanwhile, the Core not only performs basic functions like collecting activity data and social networking, but responds to gesture commands as well. This enables you to take control of your smartphone, connected home devices such as Philips Hue lights or Nest Thermostat, turn up your Spotify radio during a workout, your GoPro camera while in mid-action, and even your drone, all with the flick of a wrist or a wave of the hand.

Based on three 32-bit MCUs, the HIRIS packs a small OLED-display, a set of sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, humidity, temperature, pressure, and heart rate), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy modules, as well as the battery capacity of 200 mAh. What’s nice, its modular design allows wearers to expand upon the device’s hardware, adding capabilities like GPS and audio through extension cards. HIRIS comes with its an accompanying, which is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, and includes a wireless charger pad.


Sound like something you’d want to adorn to your body? Head over to its official Indiegogo page, where the team is currently seeking $80,000. Shipment to early bird backers is slated for September 2015, with the rest of deliveries expected to begin in October 2015.