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Adam Savage recreates Hellboy mecha-glove replica

The Mythbusters star has replicated Rasputin’s Mecha-Glove from Hellboy — and it is awesome.

No stranger to replica props, Adam Savage of Mythbusters recently showed off his (nearly completed) recreation of the Mecha-Glove worn by Rasputin in the Hellboy movie.


And, as Geek reports, Savage may not be done just yet. Despite having spent just shy of five years replicating the elaborately machined gadget it, he still wants to add a microcontroller (which he predicts will be Arduino-based) that will control the pulsing of the lights and other visual touches. The glove featured blown-glass tubes, hand-stitched quilting, some pretty complex leatherwork, and even a metal wrist assembly capable of rotating.

“There’s just no satisfying the a replica maniac when they decide to strive for perfection, since they have an intentionally unachievable goal. The process of trying to get there is the point — at least for them,” Geek’s Graham Templeton writes.


Before exhibiting to the crowd at Comic-Con, Savage walked Tested through all the individual components and how he fabricated each of them to recreate one of his all-time favorite movie props. From 3D printing and molding to stitching and machining, the diehard Maker created the design with over 1,000 separate pieces using nearly every fabrication method known to man.

You can see the detailed video below, as well as check out an entire photo log of the build here.