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ATmega328 MCU drives this LazerBlade

Designed by Darkly Labs, the LazerBlade is an entry-level laser cutter and engraver kit targeted at Makers, artists and DIY hobbyists.

“LazerBlade is a precision device that can both cut and engrave many materials. It’s compact, quiet, portable and handsome enough to sit on your desk while packing an amazing punch for its price,” a Darkly Labs rep wrote in a recent Kickstarter post.

“You will be able to cut or engrave with vector graphics, CAD designs or even photos. [You can] work with the LazerBlade ready software bundle offered as part of this campaign, or use your favorite program.”

The LazerBlade features a custom designed main-board (controller) and high-efficiency laser diode driver, with an Atmel ATmega328 MCU running modified GRBL software.

Additional key hardware specs and features include:

  • Two watt, M140 5.6mm 445nm laser diode
  • Three element glass laser lens
  • Custom designed, fan assisted cooling system to protect laser diode, optics and eyes
  • Available in A4 and A3 sizes
  • Variable laser power control, 0% to 100% (not just on/off)
  • Stores vertically when not in use, with included stand
  • 110-240V AC Mains / 12V 2A DC Power Adaptor (included)
  • Step-by-step illustrated assembly instructions
  • A special anodized aluminium focus tool
  • One pair of laser safety goggles
  • 110-240V AC mains / 12V 2A DC power adapter
  • USB cable

“To achieve its professional feel and performance, we chose to make the chassis from an industrial plastic that is very strong and will not be susceptible to warping from moisture.
 All the parts are designed and manufactured to fit together precisely, [so there is] no need for drilling or special tools [and it can be] easily assembled within two hours,” the rep explained.

“We used a combination of ‘off the shelf’ components along with a custom designed main board and laser driver. [Meaning], we keep the electronic’s cost down by tailoring features specifically for our requirements and design in expandability for the future.”

On the software side, the LazerBlade is fully compatible with industry standard Gcode, offering Makers easy access to numerous open-source and free packages to create cutting files, such as Inkscape.

In addition, Darkly Labs is supported by Vectric with Cut2D-Laser and John Champlain with PicLaser-Lite. Both packages – ready to use with the LazerBlade – are included at no charge to Kickstarter kit backers.

Interested in learning more? You can check out LazerBlade’s official Kickstarter page here.