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Modder creates an iPhone app that controls his GTA V in-game phone

The combination of an Arduino Leonardo, an Ethernet shield and a PC lets Maker use his iPhone as a game controller.

Throughout the years, Grand Theft Auto has captured the hearts of numerous fans, and as technology evolves just as fast as the cars within the games, the possibilities are truly endless — as one Reddit user by the name of “planetleak” has demonstrated with his recent mod.


In its latest version of the action-packed, crime-ridden game, developer Rockstar Games has provided a truly immersive world for players to explore, along with a couple of companion mobile apps that range from custom rides to interactive maps. However, one Maker wasn’t entirely satisfied and decided to rig one of his own by recreating GTA V’s in-game app on an iPhone using Xcode. This enabled him to view and scroll trough character’s cellphone messages, glance at game objectives and even change camera modes.

Planetleak’s video description, though brief, explains how he was able to accomplish this feat. Simply stated, an Arduino Leonardo (ATmega32U4) and an Ethernet shield are connected to a computer running the PC version of the game. The inputs on the iPhone send a URL to an Arduino webserver, which relays the inputs into the game via keybinding macros. As the modder notes, the Arduino needs to be synced up to the PC in order to emulate a keyboard and work in unison with the in-game mobile phone.

“Later I can share the Xcode and Android code, but without a dev account (or a friend with dev account), I cannot upload to your phone,” Planetleak writes. “This way what I’m using, based on an Ethernet shield, and you can see, little slow the communication. Maybe better if i change to BLE from Ethernet.”

As impressive as the project may be, whipping out a smartphone and using it to control a characters phone isn’t that practical while playing. After all, It’s much easier to just use a keyboard or controller. Nevertheless, you’ll want to check out the Maker’s incredibly cool DIY app in action below!