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Quick-learning Arduino basics

Writing for DesignNews, Rob Siegel notes that Arduino has come quite a long way since the very first boards hit the streets way back in 2005. 

According to Siegel, the open source, Atmel-powered lineup of boards is “showing up everywhere,” from consumer and industrial products to engineering toys for budding engineers.

“Just look at the last few Gadget Freak projects presented by Design News and Allied Electronics, and you’ll see a wide range of Arduino use, from a touch-sensitive audio desk tray to motion-controlled blinking eyes for a rock sculpture,” says Siegel.

“We recently reported on an artificial arm that can be controlled by Bluetooth-powered brainwaves – powered by an Arduino board and created by a teen.”

As Siegel points out, the Arduino is both user-friendly and well-suited for rapid-development electronics. Which is why both devs and Makers will want to tune into a five-day overview of the Arduino in the continuing education program, “Get Your Project Started with Arduino,” jointly presented by Design News and Digi-Key.

The class will be presented by Don Wilcher, an electronics technology teacher and electrical engineer with 26 years of industrial experience.

“Wilcher worked on industrial robotics systems, automotive electronic modules and systems and embedded wireless controls for small consumer appliances,” Siegel added.

“He’s currently developing 21st-century educational products that focus on the IoT (Internet of Things) for makers, engineers, technicians and educators.”

Interested in learning more about signing up for “Get Your Project Started with Arduino?” You can check out the detailed curriculum calendar here.