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minDUINO v1.5 (ATmega328) goes live

Steve Smith of Project AVR has published the design files and relevant data for the Atmel-powered minDUINO v1.5 board – with the information released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

According to Smith, the ATmega328-based minDUINO is relatively easy to assemble, featuring a two layer through-hole design, along with headers for FTDI, ISCP and port breakouts.

“The board has two LEDs, one red, as seen above, for power indication and one green for testing,” Smith explained in a recent blog post.

“I chose to connect the green test LED to pin D10 (physical pin 16) because it is capable of PWM output. I used a shrouded connector for the ICSP connection which matches the plug from my USBASP programmer.”

The minDUINO boards were fabricated by the Hackvana crew, with the relevant gerber files available here.

“I have been using Hackvana for a while and they have fabricated several boards for me,” he added.

“Their customer service is second to none and the end result is a high quality, professional PCB that would be at home in any commercial equipment.”

Interested in learning more? You can check out minDUINO’s official project page here.