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Garage door gets an Arduino RFID upgrade

A Maker by the name of Jason955 has designed an RFID-controlled garage door opener using an Atmel-based (ATmega328 MCU) Arduino board.

As HackADay’s Rick Osgood reports, the Arduino acts as the brains of the operation while an off-the-shelf NFC/RFID reader module is tasked with reading the RFID tags.

“To add new keys to the system, [Jason] simply swipes his ‘master’ RFID key. An indicator LED lights up and a piezo speaker beeps, letting you know that the system is ready to read a new key,” Osgood explains.

“Once the new key is read, the address is stored on an EEPROM. From that point forward the new key is permitted to activate the system. Whenever a valid key is swiped, the Arduino triggers a relay which can then be used to control just about anything.”

According to Osgood, the system also offers access to a number of manual controls, including a reset button (erased EEPROM) and a DIP that switch that allows the user to select how long the relay circuit remains open (configurable in increments of 100ms).

As Jason955 points out, the opener pictured above is simply an initial design prototype, with the next iteration likely to be a prototype shield followed by a PCB.

“The top section of components (Arduino and breadboard) will be placed inside the garage and the bottom section of components (LED, buzzer, NFC/RFID reader) will be placed outside (in a project box),” he adds.

Interested in learning more? You can check out the project’s official page here.