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Open your garage door with this DIY keypad

Tired of being locked out of your house? Build an Arduino-powered keypad.

SamJBoz often found himself in the same predicament: he would arrive home, only to realize that he didn’t have his garage remote. Subsequently, like any good Maker would do, he decided to design a simple keypad with a four-digit access code that would grant entry to him, his family and any other friends he’d wish to give quick access whenever a handheld remote was not available.


He’s been using the system for roughly a year now, and has yet to encounter any problems. The device itself runs on a 5V Arduino Pro Mini (ATmega328), and consists of a 4×4 keypad, a small custom PCB and a few other electronic parts.

The keypad allows for up to 10 four-digit pin numbers, has a user set master pin number to create and delete user pin numbers, and flashes two-color error codes if something goes wrong.


Have you ever come home to find the door locked and your keys elsewhere? Well, luckily SamJBoz has provided all of the documentation and files on GitHub so you too can build your own and avoid finding yourself in those situations.