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Fujitsu’s smart ring will let you write in midair

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a lightweight, compact wearable device that makes it easy to draw letterforms in the air.

Though it seems wrist-adorned and head-mounted displays (HMDs) are all the buzz as of late, Fujitsu is hoping to change that with their newly-revealed smart ring that not only allows for motion control, but in-air handwriting as well. Sure, HMDs are already helping to provide a hands-free workplace for operators, however they don’t make it particularly easy to select displayed information, input figures, jot down memos on workplace conditions, or perform other necessary tasks.


Fujitsu’s latest innovation lets wearers trace letters using their fingertip, while a built-in motion sensor translates those movements into usable characters. By “writing” in the air, users can then select menu options or make notes on photos that they take in the field — something which could certainly also come in handy during a tradeshow or while on-the-go.

“By applying proprietary technology that corrects the letterform tracings, Fujitsu has been able to improve character recognition accuracy, enabling recognition of everything from numbers to Chinese characters.”


Aside from its motion sensor — which features an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer — a BLE module, a status display LED, an operation button, a sensor-processing MCU, and a battery (capable of lasting roughly eight hours) are all packed into the tiny device. In addition, there’s an NFC tag reader embedded inside that will enable a user to receive instructions with a simple tap. The company believes that as data from the object to be worked on can be easily selected in a hands-free manner, the performance of maintenance and other tasks is expected to be more efficient.

While still merely a prototype, Fujitsu is currently testing the real-world usability of the device with aspirations of practical implementation by early next year. Explore the ring in more detail here.

Atmel clinches Best Partner Award from Asus

Atmel has received the Asus 2012 Best Partner Award from the industry heavyweight for its extensive product lineup and comprehensive technical support.


“We are pleased to award Atmel with one of our 2012 Best Partner Awards,” said Ricky Tzeng, Purchasing Vice President, Asus. “Atmel has continued to provide outstanding products, along with excellent customer and technical support to ensure we meet our specific new product design requirements for touch controller products.”

According to Tzeng, Atmel’s commitment to Asus is “widely evident,” with Atmel’s end-to-end support helping the company launch a variety of Microsoft Windows 8 mobile products without any delays.

Meanwhile, Richard Lin, Vice President of Asia Pacific, Atmel, said the corporation was honored to receive such a prestigious award from Asus.


“Atmel has a long history of providing some of the most innovative products on the market and to providing exceptional customer support,” he stated. “We look forward to collaborating with Asus on future designs.”

It should be noted that Asus recently selected Atmel’s XSense touch sensor and MaXTouch technology for a number of its flagship tablets.

As of February 2013, Windows 8 tablets and Ultrabooks featuring maXTouch technology included the Asus Vivo Tab, Vivo Tab RT, X202E, S400, and S56, Bluebird’s Pidion BP80 tablet, Dell’s XPS10, XPS 12 Convertible Touch Ultrabook and Inspiron 15z, Fujitsu’s Arrows Tab QH55, HP’s Envy, Envy X2, and Spectre XT TouchSmart Ultrabook, Lenovo’s Think Pad Tablet 2 and X230, LG’s H160 and Z160 Tab-Books, Samsung’s ATIV Tab RT, Series 5 Slate, and Series 7 Slate, and Toshiba’s 925t.

Recent smartphone introductions with maXTouch inside include Samsung’s I9105 Galaxy S II Plus, SCH-W889, and GT-B9388, Nokia’s Lumia 510 and 620, Kyocera’s Digno S, Sharp’s Aquos SH930W, Fujitsu’s F-03E Arrows Kiss, Gionee’s GN700W, Meizu’s MX2 and Xiaomi’s MI2.