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Real-life Star Trek replicator whips up dinner in 30 seconds

One startup claims to have developed a food ‘replicator’ that can prepare just about any dish in less than a minute. 

In the hit Star Trek franchise, a replicator was a machine capable of creating (and recycling) objects. Originally used to synthesize meals on-demand, it would go on to assume a number of other applications later in the series. Well, it appears that the sci-fi device may not have been so far-fetched after all. That’s because one Israel-based startup is bringing us closer to an era where a meal can be whipped up in nearly 30 seconds — all with just the press of a button.


Developed by entrepreneurs Ayelet Carasso and Doron Marco from White Innovation, the Genie is roughly the size of an everyday coffeemaker and can produce a variety of meals using a Keurig-like pod system. The food is prepared in 140-gram portions in recyclable container.

A hungry user begins by inserting a pod — which looks like a small tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream — into the Genie. Then, through its accompanying mobile app, the cooking process is activated. The machine starts mixing, shaking and adding all necessary liquids from tubes attached to the back of the sleek, compact machine which bakes or cooks the desired dish at the appropriate temperature.


What’s impressive is that the Genie isn’t limited to a specific type of food either. In fact, co-creator Carasso tells Reuters that options range from a chicken dinner with rice, couscous or Ramen to even a chocolate soufflé or some other tasty desert. Another bonus? Its inventors say that they are only using all-natural ingredients — no preservatives or anything of that nature — that are freeze-dried and have a shelf-life of about one to two years. Healthy and convenient? Count us in!

The idea was first conceived after the duo was unable to locate a restaurant that would deliver them food late one night at work. Like a number of other Makers, their frustrations resulted in them putting their heads together seeking a solution to the problem. And so, a “real-life version of Star Trek’s replicator” came to mind. While they don’t expect the Genie to replace the dining out experience altogether, they do believe it will challenge chefs to produce a good meal in a pod.


While the mere convenience of such a pod system will undoubtedly fit right within any smart kitchen of tomorrow, there are several other advantageous functions for the Genie, which include providing food to countries in famine or areas impacted by a natural disaster.

Intrigued? You can watch the Genie in action below, or head over to its official page to learn more.