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28 smart crowdfunding campaigns you may want to back this week

Every Friday, we’re taking a look at some of the smartest, most innovative projects that caught our attention on Kickstarter and Indiegogo over the last seven days. 



This wearable allows you to control your computer or smartphone with your hands. Apotact Labs is currently seeking $100,000 on Kickstarter.



This handlebar-mounted, stripped-down navigation system will guide you in the right direction on your bike. BeeLine is currently seeking $92,118 on Kickstarter.



This fully-automatic appliance enables anyone to brew their own mini kegs of craft beer right from home. PicoBrew has already nearly tripled its $200,000 goal on Kickstarter.



This DIY kit lets Makers build their own hexapod robot while learning STEM at the same time. STEMI has reached its $16,000 goal on Indiegogo.



This lineup of smart clothing integrates an automated hands-free lighting system to enhance road safety for bikers, motorcyclists and runners. Lumenus is currently seeking $54,000 on Kickstarter.



This fully-integrated smart cycling computer lets you get the most out of every ride. SpeedForce has already well surpassed its goal of $20,000 on Indiegogo.



This Arduino-based robot is designed to transition students from graphical programming to more powerful written code languages. Plum Geek has blown right by its $6,000 goal on Kickstarter.



This comfort monitor is comprised of sensors that measure temperature and humidity levels as they’re felt in your child’s clothing. Hime Hiko is currently seeking $45,571 on Kickstarter.

Slate Scale


This Bluetooth-equipped scale connects to your smartphone and serves as your personal dietician. Slate Scale is currently seeking $50,000 on Indiegogo.



This VR head-mounted computer works without your computer or smartphone, allowing you to break free of wires and cables. James Talbot is currently seeking $153,134 on Kickstarter.

NanoLeaf Smarter Kit


This lighting kit uses the ZigBee protocol to communicate with up to 50 smart bulbs within a 164-foot range, through voice commands given to Siri. NanoLeaf is currently seeking $40,000 on Indiegogo.

IdeaWerk Speed


This sleek 3D printer boasts a 450mm/second printing speed, which makes it at least five times faster than similar machines. Weistek is currently seeking $22,124 on Kickstarter.

Ockel Sirius B


This pocket-sized Windows 10 PC is as powerful as a desktop and as portable and light as a smartphone. Ockel has already achieved its Indiegogo goal of $10,000.



This first-of-its-kind smart floss dispenser will help you maintain better oral hygiene habits. Flosstime has hit its goal of $15,000 on Kickstarter.



This Bluetooth lock talks to your smartphone and unlocks with a single push of a button. AirBolt is currently seeking $36,168 on Kickstarter.



This portable, consumer-friendly VR camera helps you create content of your real world experiences to share with everyone. LucidCam is currently seeking $100,000 on Indiegogo.



This simple, add-on compass points urban cyclists in the right direction using a minimalist LED display. onomo is currently seeking $76,645 on Kickstarter.



This smart device motorizes your window shades in minutes for enhanced comfort, convenience and safety at home. AXIS is currently seeking $100,000 on Indiegogo.



This portable, wireless lamp can change color and brightness with just a touch of your hand. Lucis is currently seeking $15,000 on Indiegogo.



This multi-functional LED stick can be controlled via its accompanying mobile app to open endless possibilities. Molt America is currently seeking $50,000 on Kickstarter.

Andiamo iQ


This intelligent suitcase boasts a USB charger, a personal Wi-Fi hotspot, a built-in scale, and can send you alerts about your luggage and travel plans. Andiamo iQ is currently seeking $50,000 on Indiegogo.



This gadget turns your handwriting into digital memos, instant messages and e-signatures immediately. PenPower USA has already surpassed its goal of $1,000 on Kickstarter.



This coin-sized device prevents you from losing everyday items and your most prized possessions. The RESPOT is currently seeking $35,000 on Indiegogo.

DC One


This unit is an interlocking, programmable, single-channel DC power supply that can be powered by either a battery or an AC/DC adapter. KAM Lab is currently seeking $36,200 on Kickstarter.

Skateboard GPS Speedometer


This mounted footstep features a built-in GPS speedometer, crafted to withstand the punishing spills of downhill skating. Benjamin Newman is currently seeking $34,561 on Kickstarter.



This solar strap for the Pebble Time promises to eliminate charging forever, with one hour of sunlight equating 13 hours of battery time. GIXIA Group is currently seeking $80,000 on Kickstarter.

Dynamo Harvester


This energy harvesting hub will charge your smartphone via USB as you bike. Thomas Treyer is currently seeking $55,167 on Kickstarter.



This Wi-Fi key switch gives you a simple and easy way to control Internet-related services just by turning the key. Cerevo is currently seeking $15,000 on Indiegogo.

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Flosstime is the world’s first smart floss dispenser

What a flossome idea to improve oral hygiene!

Did you know that nearly 80 percent of people don’t floss their teeth? Even though you’ve been told countless times how important it was to do so, you probably tune out the dentist whenever he or she starts lecturing about it. For some reason, it’s a task that’s difficult to incorporate into your morning and nighttime routine, whether that’s because it’s time-consuming or just one more thing you “have to do.” Fortunately, a smart gadget from one Palo Alto startup may have the solution.


Flosstime is an intelligent, elegantly-designed device that mounts to your bathroom mirror to help you establish a daily flossing regimen. Whereas more conventional dispensers are old, outdated and hard to remember, Flosstime is a habit-forming accessory that’ll help make the once-tedious activity fun, and more importantly, nearly impossible to forget.

The unit affixes to your mirror (either using micro suction tab or an adhesive strip) and dispenses the recommended 18 inches of floss every time you press its button, lighting up to show a smile. Once the floss has been provided, the device cues a 90-second timer in the form of blue-glowing quadrants that move clockwise around a circular light ring. When you go 24 hours without pressing the button, however, Flosstime will express its discontentment by turning orange and revealing a frown.


“Our research shows that the biggest problem with flossing is simply getting the floss into your hands. Once it’s there, almost everyone flosses properly! The automatic dispensing mechanism makes it easier for you to begin flossing and removes the worry of having too much or too little,” its creators note.

What’s more, Flosstime features both single and dual user mode so it can be shared by two people. After all, a couple that flosses together, stays together! While in dual user mode, the frown is split into two and each half is a separate reminder for each individual. If one doesn’t floss, the other will know. (It looks like leaving the toilet seat up won’t be the only argument pretty soon!)


When forming habits, why not start early? In order to make flossing a bit more enjoyable for the younger generation, Flosstime also comes with cute animal snap-ons. If not used everyday, the animal’s eyes glow warning lights to offer a child with a friendly reminder to floss their teeth.

One thing that we’re seeing an awful lot of with connected objects is the emergence of the so-called ‘Internet of Useless Things.’ Just because you can make something smart doesn’t always necessarily mean you have to. Cognizant of this, Flosstime has done an excellent job in enhancing one function. They explain, “We believe that the only time you need to be reminded to floss is when you’re in the bathroom! Getting a push notification on your phone to floss while you’re sitting on the couch enjoying a movie is not very effective.

Sound like a simple yet effective solution to improve your oral hygiene? Head over to Flosstime’s Kickstarter campaign, where the startup is currently seeking $15,000. Delivery is slated for August 2016.