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IoT: A pivotal catalyst for the ICT industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to be a key area of interest for IT buyers and sellers in 2014, as well as a pivotal catalyst for the information and communication technologies (ICT) industry. According to analysts at Frost & Sullivan (Asia Pacific), the explosion of IoT activity over the next few years will be driven by a nexus of low cost sensors, cloud computing, advanced data analytics and mobility.

Rapid IoT prototyping with the Atmel-powered SODAQ

“Numerous opportunities will emerge as more and more data is generated by machines (‘things’) than human beings,” explained Frost & Sullivan VP Andrew Milroy. “These include the ability to analyze and use vast amounts of data, to store data and source application functionality in/from the cloud, to create, manage and support apps that enable the operation and management of IoT implementations and to provide high speed connectivity between objects and the people, who work with them and use them.”

Nitin Bhat, Partner, Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific, expressed similar sentiments and noted that service providers will be required to to re-evaluate their portfolio, introducing new services targeted at the digital lifestyle of the consumer and their participation in the paradigm of Internet of Things.

Meanwhile, Vivek Vaidya, Vice President, VP, Automotive & Transport Practice, Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific, said the Google vehicle provides a hint of the immense possibilities with the convergence of the car with the Internet.

For example, its 360 degree Laser Detection (LIDAR) has made it possible to achieve map-accuracy as close as 10cm – an important milestone in automotive navigation input capabilities. In addition, connecting the car to the cloud is likely to bring about a host of opportunities, ranging from self-driving cars to involvement of artificial intelligence software in which there will be no driver involvement.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“We expect that the car will eventually be connected to the following; Home (Home Energy Management System), OEM (Location based services), Infrastructure (Vehicle to Vehicle Communication) and Social (Social Network),” added Vaidya. “However, as car manufacturers are not yet equipped to drive the transformation of the ‘smart cars’, this is a lucrative opportunity for ICT companies to work with automobile manufacturers to transform the industry.”

FizzJelly with Atmel and the IoT

The Mobile Minds crew has debuted an Atmel-powered cellular connected platform designed to track and monitor a wide range of sensors. FizzJelly works straight out of the box, allowing users to effortlessly monitor and control their IoT devices.

“From motion to temperature and from water leaks to GPS tracking, [FizzJelly] will let you know by sending an alert,” a Mobile Minds rep explained in a recent Kickstarter post.

“It makes it easy to check to see if anyone has been in your house, find out where your car is, if your rooms have got too hot or cold or even turn on and off the lights.”

Indeed, users can command and query FizzJelly simply by sending and receiving text messages with a cell phone. To be sure, configuring and using FizzJelly is extremely simple, requiring a regular SIM card, a connected sensor and a text message. As expected, each unit can be configured with a unique PIN code to secure it against unauthorized access.

Additional key specs and features include:

  • Atmel ATmega32U4 MCU (microcontroller)
  • One internal temperature sensor
  • 8 I/O ports
  • One expansion port
  • GPS module (optional)
  • Programmable over Micro-USB
  • GSM Quad Band – 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Open Source development kit
  • Power range 6v – 16v (Motion Detector requires 9v – 16v)
  • Either Battery or AC adapter
  • CE & FCC approved
  • GCF (Worldwide approved module)
  • PTCRB (North America approved module)

Interested in learning more about the Atmel-powered FizzJelly? You can check out the project’s official Kickstarter page here.