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Turn your living room into a dance party with this Pixel Drop Ceiling

A Maker by the name of Famous Mods was growing tired of the ceiling in his living room undergoing constant water damage. So what did he do? In true DIY fashion, he built an Arduino-powered LED Drop Ceiling to cover up the problem all while making his living room dance party ready at the press of a button.


In a recent Instructables post, the Maker thoroughly detailed the process he underwent to create this Bluetooth-compatible, computer-controlled contraption.

“The perks of being controlled by the computer are that the whole system is music controlled and it’s easy to change and create your own patterns with little software know-how,” Famous Mods notes.


Famous Mods has posted a full set of materials and coding plans onto his initial Instructables post. Aside from the translucent ceiling tiles and black paint, an Arduino Uno (ATmega328) and Arduino Proto Shield serve as the brains behind the nightclub-like ceiling.

“The union of the Arduino’s allow for the device to receive incoming pixel data and light the LED’s accordingly,” the Maker explains.


Following the installation of LED Matrix software and some code tinkering, the Pixel Drop Ceiling was born and is truly capable of some stunning feats. The only things missing now? A NeoPixel dress made under a DIY disco ball.

Whether you’re looking to cover up your own leaky ceiling or are interested in turning your living room into a swanky dance club, you can read all about it on the Maker’s official blog here.