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DIY LANp controls upcycled RGB lamp

The HackShed crew recently debuted the LANp, a DIY Arduino network controllable RGB lamp made from upcycled scanner components.

Aside from an Atmel-based Arduino board, key project components include:

  • 1x Arduino Ethernet/SD Shield
  • 1x Micro-SDHC Card
  • 1x Scanner LED RGB
  • Various jumper wires
  • QK1-4761 LED scanner bar (Canon PIXMA MP620)

“A few weeks ago we ripped out an RGB LED from an old Canon Scanner that was laying around and going to waste,” a HackShed rep explained in a blog post.

“Since then we’ve been playing around with the RGB LED element and decided to put it to good use. We have come up with LANp. This is an Arduino and Ethernet Shield that controls an RGB LED color real-time with a Javascript color picker.”

The HackShed crew kicked off the project by soldering wires on to the pads of the scanner LED.

“We just soldered wire directly to 4 of the 5 pads. The bottom one isn’t used and the next are R G B +5v going upwards. Make sure that none of the wires, or soldered joints are touching each other as this will skew the color of the LED dramatically,” the rep continued.

“It may be worth taping this up after soldering to avoid the wires touching when you’re moving the LED around. Connect up the Pins to the Arduino; we have used pins 3, 5, 6 for RGB.”

On the software side, HackShed based the webserver code on a previous project which details how to configure an SD Card based web server and serve files over a network (with support for AJAX requests).

“We are using the Flexi Colour Picker by David Durman which is a Javascript based color picker that supports multiple web browsers,” the rep added.

“We have put the Javascript inline instead of a separate file so we are not requesting too many files at once from the webserver.”

Interested in learning more about building a DIY LANp upcycled RGB lamp? You can check out the project’s HackShed page here.