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This mood-altering wearable will make you feel more alert or relaxed

Doppel is a wrist-adorned device that can naturally make you feel more alert or calm you down on demand.

The latest entrant in the wearable space is not a smartwatch, it’s not an activity tracker nor is it a heart rate monitor. In fact, it doesn’t even have screen or button. This means no annoying alerts, phone calls or emails. Instead, what is being billed as “a new breed of technology,” Doppel is a performance-enhancing device that can naturally make a user feel more alert or relaxed on demand using nothing more than the innate human response to rhythm. So, whether it’s getting ready for an intense workout at the gym, preparing for an important presentation at work or cramming for a crucial final exam in the library, the wrist-adorned gadget can harness the body’s natural reaction to stress and positively change its wearer’s state of mind.


The brainchild of London-based startup Team Turquoise, the wristband uses tactile rhythm, otherwise known as haptic feedback, to rhythmically tap a wearer’s wrist at the speed of their choosing: faster for a quick pick-me-up, slower for some calmness.

In order to get started, a user must connect their Doppel to its accompanying app, whether it’s via Bluetooth for a smartphone or USB for a PC, to measure their resting heart rate and calibrate the device to save their preferred settings. From there, everything is controlled through the wearable itself. A firm squeeze will increase the rhythm, stroking its face will slow the beat, while rotating the dial will amplify or soften the intensity. (Think of it like the volume knob on a stereo.)


Doppel is built around an ATmega328 MCU and features a microUSB charger. Impressively, its built-in battery lasts for over five hours at its maximum intensity, which is geared toward running. While at its lowest level, it will last for over 10 hours — plenty of juice for an entire workday and a gym session afterwards.

At the time of its crowdfunding debut, Doppel is available in three styles (black and white, original and classic) and with two different cuts for the strap (tapered and straight). Need a mood-alrtering wearable to help keep you calm in the day-to-day hustle and bustle? Head over to its official Kickstarter campaign, where Team Turquoise is currently seeking $155,412. Shipment is slated for April 2016.