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These 3D-printed Easter eggs will hide themselves

Get ready for the Internet of Eggs.

While going on the hunt for colorful Easter eggs typically filled with chocolate, jelly beans and sometimes even cash may be fun, Guido Burger has decided to bring the age-old game into the Internet of Things era. The Maker has crafted self-hiding, 3D-printed eggs using Platinchen (or blueIOT), a platform that combines both a certified BLE module along with an ATmega328P MCU.


The beacons bring a variety of exciting new features to the egg hunt, including proximity detection (which senses when someone is nearby and takes action) and retrieval avoidance (which allows them to emit sound and hide themselves).


Each unit features a 9-axis, absolute orientation sensor that is used to detect motion, allowing it to change color and make noise when touched. Burger also implemented an Adafruit vibrating mini motor disc and controller to enable unique movements of the eggs while out in the yard or scattered throughout the house.


What’s more, the devices are entirely open-source, meaning Makers can add their own ideas to it as well. And yes, there’s still room to hide a few treats inside its 3D-printed shell.


Interested in this eggs-ellent idea? Head over to Hackster.io for a complete step-by-step breakdown of the build.