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DuinoKit Essential Project is live on Kickstarter

Designed by math teacher Dan Alich, the Atmel-based DuinoKit Essential Project (DEP) is a cost effective development system for aiding the learning of electronics and programming.

The DuinoKit, which recently made its Kickstarter debut, includes all components necessary to build numerous projects, as well as easy to understand diagrams and part specifications.

According to Alich, potential DEP projects include:

  • Digital Alarm Clock
  • Countdown Timer
  • Infrared Signal Recorder / Repeater
  • Digital “Dice” or random “move” prompts for board games
  • Motion Sensor / Alarm
Data Recorder / Logger

“I have developed this kit as a safe and easy method of learning electronics and programming. After gaining a little experience in electronics, users will be able to move the projects away from the kit and build them into a stand-alone project,” Alich explained.

“With this kit you will learn how to read and gather data from input sensors (such as an acceleration sensor, light sensor or temperature sensor), process this data and interact with various other output devices (such as LEDs, Liquid crystal displays and the serial port on your computer). When these skills are combined, the number of projects and ideas are virtually limited only my ones imagination.”

Interested in learning more? You can check out the project’s official page here.