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Video: Drawing schematics with Paul Rako

In this episode of Atmel Edge, Analog Aficionado Paul Rako describes the importance of drawing schematics with inputs on the left and top, as well as outputs on the right and bottom.

“The most fundamental thing about a system-level schematic is that there is a flow to it – and that flow is from left to right and from top to bottom,” Rako explains.

“Anyone can pick it up and they know they can look at the left edge and tend to see inputs, or look at the top and tend to see inputs. Then they can look to the right edge or the bottom and tend to find outputs.”

Well, perhaps it isn’t that simple, says Rako, because what about a bus?

“How do you represent something that has bidirectional flow? Do you put things on the top or the left edge? That’s kind of a style, but if you just stick to these basics, you’ll be a lot better off,” he adds.

Watch as Paul provides a little bit higher level tip than just grounds, capacitors and resistors, plus topics we’re going to discuss in the 101 series. Stay tuned!