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3D print your very own working Stargate

While it may not be able to create an actual wormhole just yet, one Maker recently devised her own 3D-printed, Arduino-powered Stargate that actually dials.


Cara McNab brought the project to brought to life using an AT90USB1286 powered Printrbot Simple Metal 3D printer extruding gray (and some transparent ) PLA materials, before adding a stepper motor to drive the inner ring and 5mm NeoPixels to light up the chevrons. To round out the build, the DIY Stargate is controlled by an Arduino Uno (ATmega328) along with an Adafruit Motor Shield that uses a customized Arduino sketch.


“The gear was modified to snugly fit onto the stepper motor, and added a hole through which the stepper motor could be tightened to its mount,” McNab notes. “I combined some parts that were 2 pieces into one piece so that the build required less gluing and was structurally stronger.”


The entire creation measures just over 16 inches wide, making it a suitable decoration for any diehard Stargate fan — or for those with some serious intergalactic travel aspirations.

Intrigued? Well, travel on over to the project’s official page on Thingiverse here. You may also get a kick out of this ATmega2560 based DIY wormhole actualization machine as well.