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Build your own micro word clock with an ATmega328P

Sure, analog and digital clocks are all the rage, but this nifty DIY device may reshape the way you check the time from now on. Maker Daniel Rojas recently created his own (cheaper) iteration of Biegert & Funk’s contemporary QLOCKTWO word timepieces.


In order to bring his project to life, Rojas used eight discrete components including an 8×8 LED matrix, a DS1307 real-time clock, as well as an ATmega328P MCU to power the device.


The Maker printed each of the necessary letters (in both English and German) onto a transparent sheet that easily fit over the LED matrix, then programmed the LED patterns to display the time with words.

How does it work? A user pushes its button to setting the time — long push to set the hour, short push to advance minutes. The time then changes every five minutes.